SINCE 1963

Clinton Electronics has been in a constant state of evolution. Tom Clinton Sr. founded Clinton Electronics and shortly after Clinton Electronics became an industry leader in the black & white television CRT market selling to well known industry giants such as RCA, GE, Admiral, Westinghouse, and many more. In the ‘70s Clinton became an industry leader once again - except this time it was in the personal computer industry. In the ‘80s and ‘90s Clinton supplied CRT monitors to highly precise applications in the medical and military display industry. For over 35 years Clinton has been a major supplier to the CCTV industry through monitor and display production. Now in its fourth generation, Clinton Electronics has remained a family owned and operated company since day one.


At Clinton Electronics we believe in
While Clinton Electronics has been in a constant state of evolution over the years, our focus on quality, service and being your competitive edge has remained steadfast. At Clinton Electronics, we set clear quality expectations and define our non-negotiable commitment to service on a daily basis. We are continually collecting and analyzing data in an effort to make a better product as well as improving upon our commitment to offer the best customer service experience possible. We continue to invest in our employees and our infrastructure in anticipation that we will always be able to over-deliver. The average tenure of a Clinton Electronics employee is 20 years and growing.


We are proud to be the exclusive distribution partner for Clinton Electronics in the USA & Canada. They offer a unique blend of innovation, quality, technical support, and competitive pricing which is fueling growth in our markets.

Pat Comunale
President & COO
(Tri-Ed Northern)

We feel that Clinton Electronics provides a good cost effective solution for our high volume CCTV needs - and they help us win more business by enabling us to be more competitive in the CCTV marketplace. We receive very good support and training for our team members that are located across the Midwest. We have had a 20 year partnership with Clinton Electronics, and we value the relationship!

Brad Tolliver
Vice President
(Per Mar Security Services)

Providing a quality product at a competitive price is expected from any manufacturer we deal with. What separates Clinton is their ability to support the product after the sale and their willingness to think outside the box to address specific customer needs. We deal with a lot of manufacturers, but consider Clinton a true partner.

David Israel
Vice President
(Short Circuit Electronics)