Introducing CVMS Mobile

CVMS Mobile (Clinton Video Management Software) allows you to connect to your Clinton Electronics H2L, FXR, EX, or Hybrid Series DVR from anywhere in the world. This free DVR app for iOS® and Android™ devices comes loaded with features that make it easier than ever to view live, search, and save video from your DVR. 

Timeline Search

Searching video on-the-go has never been more convenient; quickly scroll through your timeline to view any events you may have missed. You can even search all cameras at once with the new color-coded timeline view.

Event Thumbnail Search

Quickly find the event you’re looking for with thumbnail search by tapping on the thumbnail in the search timeline when in the single-camera view.

Create Video Clips

Need to backup video while away from your DVR? With CVMS Mobile, creating a video clip is easy. Tap the clip icon and trim the video clip to the desired size by dragging the timeline view.

Share Video Clips

Share your saved video clips from the clips library by message, email, AirDrop®, or via a 3rd party cloud storage application on your device like Dropbox™ or Google Drive™.

Two-Way Audio

With a tap of the mic icon, CVMS users can communicate through their DVR’s connected speakers, making it the perfect tool for giving verbal instructions to visitors or scaring off would-be thieves by confronting them.

*This feature requires an external speaker and microphone connected to the DVR.

CVMS Mobile Advanced Features

CVMS Mobile builds upon its core functionality with advanced features like multiplex views, PTZ & UCC camera control, DVR site book, and even full remote control of DVR settings.

Multiplex Views

View live or recorded video from multiple cameras at a time using 4, 9, or 16 camera views or double-tap any camera for full-screen.

Camera Control

Create thumbnail images of PTZ presets for quick one-press movement. Remotely zoom in/out or adjust EX-SDI camera settings

DVR Site Book

Enter and save multiple DVRs and quickly recall them via the thumbnail preview. Users can also rearrange or edit existing DVRs.

DVR Settings

With DVR settings control, users can make real-time adjustments of all DVR settings, just as if they were physically at the unit.

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