Rated Voltage Monitoring

All Clinton IDX, VX, and BZ Series cameras share a unique feature— Rated Voltage Monitoring (RVM). With RVM, the installer can instantly tell if the camera has the proper amount of voltage via the LED indicator light on the camera; a flashing red light indicates under-voltage and a solid/steady red light indicates over-voltage.

Proper Power is Important

Improper voltage at the camera can cause significant damage and void the warranty. Overvoltage or undervoltage operation over an extended period of time may cause the camera to overheat, resulting in component damage and premature failure.

It is also critical to have the correct amperage. Improper amperage can result in scenarios where the camera only works part-time. This is especially true for cameras that use infrared LEDs, heaters, or motorized lenses.

To ensure long-term trouble-free functioning, proper voltage and amperage are required. 

RVM Status Indicator

There are three LED conditions that reflect the status of the operation.

Flashing Red LED

The flashing red status light indicates that the camera is under voltage. The camera needs a minimum of 10 volts DC for proper operation.

Solid Green LED

When the camera is adequately powered the LED indicator light will glow green on IDX & VX dome cameras, and will not illuminate on BZ bullet cameras.

Solid Red LED

The solid red status light indicates that the camera is over-voltage and is receiving more than 29 volts. Over-voltage can damage a camera if not addressed quickly.

Voltage Drop Calculations

Voltage drop indicates how a voltage source’s supplied energy is diminished while electric current flows through an electrical circuit. Based on voltage drop and current carrying capacity, the voltage drop table below will assist you in determining the right wire size for a cable run.


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