Teller Camera

Introducing the CE-TC1QHD Teller Cam. A discrete and aesthetically pleasing solution for teller stations and payment windows. The teller camera features a 4MP EX-SDI built-in camera that is ideal for capturing low angle face shots during transactions.

Reliable Facial Identification

When compared to a traditional ceiling mount camera, the Teller Cam captures close-up facial details of the subject even if they are wearing a hat or hoodie. A comparison shot of the teller camera vs. a ceiling mounted camera is shown below.

Teller Camera

Ceiling-Mounted Camera

4MP EX-SDI Camera

The CE-TC1QHD is equipped with a 4MP EX-SDI camera that produces a clear image in any lighting condition, as well as a secondary BNC output that can output HD Analog or Analog signals.

Adjustable Camera Tilt

The CE-TC1QHD has an adjustable tilt mechanism that allows for an 18-degree tilt, allowing the installer to achieve the proper viewing angle.

Easy Installation

The CE-TC1QHD has an installer-friendly, robust metal housing with an acrylic protective front. The housing can be surface-mounted or conduit-mounted, and it includes a joystick-on cable for camera menu control.


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