Say No to Conduit! Try Telescoping Camera Poles for Pendant Mount CCTV Cameras

Have you ever walked into a retail store and noticed CCTV dome cameras precariously hanging from the ceiling by a single piece of 3/4″ conduit?

Pretty ugly, right? Unfortunately, aesthetics are often overlooked by an effort to pendant mount the camera as low as possible.

The Problem: Why waste time with conduit?

The concept is sound: Lower the camera to an acceptable height to obtain a closer vantage point. But the execution of this is flawed: Why would any store owner want an ugly bare piece of conduit hanging from the ceiling?

Some installers even go as far as painting conduit to match — but this is a pain and it adds time to the installation process. Where are you going to paint that 7 ft section of conduit? More than likely the installers are painting conduit in the parking lot of the job site. This is not an ideal situation for the installer or the customer.

The Solution: It’s time to class up your install!

Introducing Telescoping Camera Poles from Clinton Electronics. An innovative way to pendant mount CCTV dome cameras from nearly any height of an open ceiling.

Each telescoping camera pole features a 3/4″ EMT diameter end for mounting dome cameras with a pendant mount cap. Our camera poles mount securely into steel web truss channels or struts and they include a safety cable. What could be better? How about a telescoping adjustment for an even faster installation. No more cutting of conduit or splicing two pieces together for longer distances.


How do you pendant mount your CCTV dome cameras?

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