DC24V (12.5 Amp) 3 PVM Power Supply

This versatile DC24V power supply can power up to 3 PVM/LCDs, or even a DC24V outdoor PTZ camera. The metal enclosure can be mounted to solid surfaces, open ceiling trusses, or 19″ racks. This supply also features an adjustable voltage potentiometer which allows the installer to increase the voltage to 27 volts for those extra long wire runs. UL Listed.

  • DC24V, 12.5 Amps
  • 320 Watt Output
  • Converts AC110V to DC24V
  • 3 Female Pigtail DC24V Outputs
  • Adjustable Voltage from DC 20-27V
  • Short Circuit, Overload, Over Voltage, and Temperature Protection
  • Truss Mount, 19″ Rack Mount, or Wall Mount
  • Recommended for all Clinton DC24V LCDs or PVMs
  • UL Listed

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